The Dread Doctor


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Come to my lovely home for friendly dreadlock creation, removal and care. I'm also great at wraps. You'll have an endless supply of tea/coffee and free access to my huge DVD collection, all included in the price!

I charge £10 an hour.

Rough prices are as follows 
(obviously, these depend on the length and condition of your dreads):
basic root tidying session: £30
whole head tidying: £50-70 (for shoulder length dreads)
dreadlock creation: £100 (for shoulder length dreads)
dreadlock removal: £100 (for chin length dreads)
wraps £5 each

Beth's pretty dreads are 4 years old.

The pic above was taken after a 4 hour root-tidying sesh recently.

I make dreadlocks by a 100% natural technique involving backcombing and sewing using a crochet hook. Above you can see the creation of my dreadlocks!


After 2 years and plenty of TLC, my dreadlocks looked like this.


 And, after many hours of careful brusing out, I had my hair back again! 


Dreadlock removal takes approx 15mins per 5 inches of dreadlocks. It adds up quickly when you consider how many dreadlocks most of us have, so you may want to cut your dreads a bit before having them brushed out!