Saturday, 19 January 2013

Let go, Let go

If you really want to be happy, just let go.

Honest to god, it works. You just say "Ok, I give in. World- give me whatever you've got to give me, I'm ready for it. I'm in your hands." And instantly, you'll feel like everything is OK.

I suppose what you're doing is taking the pressure off yourself.

The tricky bit is managing to hold onto the feeling! I am envious of anyone who can do this, I definately can't... though I have my moments of clarity every now and then, often when I have driven myself to exaustion, putting all my energy into getting somewhere just to look around and find out I'm in pretty much exactly the same place I was to start with.

It's also quite daunting, which is why it's hard to say it and really mean it. Somewhere in the back of your head, there might be a voice that says "Ooooh I don't know, what if I don't like what the world gives me, what if I'm scared and can't go through with it..." But if you totally let go, then you will go through with it. And even if you don't like where you end up, it will at least be somewhere new.

It makes me think that I might understand why people give their lives up for religion and become monks, nuns, preachers, etc. It is the ultimate way of saying "Alright, I'm in your hands." To make that vow, to promise to live your life for what you truly believe is a higher purpose, must be both daunting and liberating. Something/someone else will provide you with the meaning you're looking for, and the journey you must take to get there: you don't have to struggle to make it up yourself any more, you just need to open up to what you're given and follow the path that is placed in front of you.

Ok, so religion isn't for everyone... me for one... but I kinda like that mantra for life.

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  1. ... and then I watched Life of Pi, which is like a visual representation of what I'm saying here :0)