Friday, 13 January 2012

The Meaningful Clear-Out

Written age 20 but still just as relevant now:

" This isn't just tidying. This isn't just getting rid of clutter. This is a ritualistic elimination of the past you are trying to escape. It is an important part of moving on. It is done with a ruthful confidence that can only be brought on by some life-altering experience or change of situation.
Here I am, doing it right now- mercilessly binning drawings, clothes, cards, heartfelt pieces of writing- things I may well regret getting rid of when the dust has settled.
But it is not a negative thing: on the contrary, it feels good. It feels like the old life I was so unhappy with is finally giving way to something new and more exciting. The more I get rid of, the more I can feel the old me vanishing and the new me emerging like a phoenix from the ashes.
We attach so many memories to material things, so that even the most inanimate object can be overloaded with emotional triggers. These things can be hard to let go of, but holding onto them only prolongs the pain and gives us a constant reference point back to those feelings we need to leave behind."

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